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Hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault? We can help! Here, you’ll find valuable information and tips to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Deciding what to do next can be difficult when you’re hurt. We want to help you navigate the tough questions in an informative and easy way while you’re planning your next move.

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How to Prepare for Your Medical Injury Consultation


You signed up for a free online case evaluation. Now, you’re waiting for that phone call where you tell the lawyer what happened to you. You’re not sure what to expect, so naturally, you feel nervous. What questions will you have to answer? How can you tell if this is the right attorney to handle your claim? We’ll explain what you can expect during this free phone call, and how to prepare for...

5 Helpful Questions to Ask Your Injury Lawyer


When do you know if someone’s the right injury lawyer to handle your case? Most people don’t regularly interact with attorneys — even if there’s one in their own family. Before you sign that retainer, you want to feel confident you’ve found the best lawyer to represent your claim. Below, we’ve listed a few helpful questions to ask your matched injury lawyer during your initial consultation. They...

Top 7 Medical & Drug Injury Claim FAQs, Answered


What happens after you file a drug injury claim? And how can you prove one specific medical device or medication hurt you? We know many people need more info about medical device or drug injury claims before they’re ready to move forward. For this reason, we’ve listed our top seven FAQs for you, along with their answers.  1. How much time do I have to file my drug injury claim? This is a question...

Find Your State’s Deadline To File A Medical Injury Claim


Ever seen an ad before telling you that “time is limited” to file your claim? If yes, then you’re likely left wondering: But what does that mean? In other words, how much time do you really have to claim a cash settlement? The truth is, each state has its own deadline for filing drug injury claims as well as those that involve medical device implants. (In legal jargon, this deadline’s also...

How the SSA Awards Lump-Sum Disability Back Pay


If a disability forces you to stop working, chances are very good that you’ve been injured or sick for a while now. If your symptoms slowly got worse over time, the idea of collecting back pay for that entire period’s such a relief! After all, you probably haven’t been able to work a full-time schedule for months. Collecting back pay will give you significant peace of mind as you heal or better...

Next Steps After Submitting Your Online Evaluation Form


You’ve successfully filled out the Disability Approval Guide free evaluation form and submitted your information. What are the next steps you should expect? Keep reading… 7 Next Steps You Should Expect After Successfully Submitting Your Form Step 1: We Match You With An Experienced Attorney In Your Area People often ask why we ask for things like your phone number or ZIP code on our...

How to Appeal After Your Social Security Disability Claim’s Denial


If the SSA sends you a denial letter in the mail, don’t give up! Just 1 in 5 claimants (20%) get approved the first time they apply. You may still win benefits if you appeal within 60 days. However, most people who win benefits at their appeals hearing have a lawyer (about 57%). Step 1: Get Professional Help Filing Your Appeal We strongly suggest having a lawyer file your appeal (or at least...

Health Conditions Frequently Approved for Disability Benefits


If you’re not sure whether your illness or condition qualifies for disability benefits, it’s helpful to know which ones the Social Security Administration approves most often. Maybe you’ll see your condition on this list and feel more at ease about applying for benefits. Chances are good, in fact, that you may see more than one condition you currently have shown below. Why? Because the SSA...

What Gets Most Disability Claims Denied?


Sometimes, it’s hard to know why the SSA denied your claim. We’ll explain major reasons for denied Social Security disability claims below. Top 6 Reasons First-Time Disability Applicants Get Denied Benefits 1. You made a mistake filling out your application, which is called a “technical denial.” This is the biggest reason the SSA turns down first-time applicants. In fact, it’s why 38%...

How Much Do Disability Lawyers Charge and What Do They Do?


Afraid to get help from a disability lawyer because you don’t know how much they charge? If you’re confused about what disability lawyers can actually do to help your case, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for all the facts you need about disability attorneys. We will cover total fees and give you key details about help disability lawyers can provide for you and your family. How Much Can...

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