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4 Good Reasons to File a Drug or Medical Device Injury Claim


If a medical device, drug or store-bought product injures you, there’s nothing frivolous about filing a claim. Why do we say this? Because sometimes, there’s no way to know about things like long-term side effects or defective medical device designs until it’s too late. We, the American public, should have high safety and effectiveness standards for drugs and medical device implants inside our...

How to Prepare for Your Medical Injury Consultation


You signed up for a free online case evaluation. Now, you’re waiting for that phone call where you tell the lawyer what happened to you. You’re not sure what to expect, so naturally, you feel nervous. What questions will you have to answer? How can you tell if this is the right attorney to handle your claim? We’ll explain what you can expect during this free phone call, and how to prepare for...

5 Helpful Questions to Ask Your Injury Lawyer


When do you know if someone’s the right injury lawyer to handle your case? Most people don’t regularly interact with attorneys — even if there’s one in their own family. Before you sign that retainer, you want to feel confident you’ve found the best lawyer to represent your claim. Below, we’ve listed a few helpful questions to ask your matched injury lawyer during your initial consultation. They...

Top 7 Medical & Drug Injury Claim FAQs, Answered


What happens after you file a drug injury claim? And how can you prove one specific medical device or medication hurt you? We know many people need more info about medical device or drug injury claims before they’re ready to move forward. For this reason, we’ve listed our top seven FAQs for you, along with their answers.  1. How much time do I have to file my drug injury claim? This is a question...

Find Your State’s Deadline To File A Medical Injury Claim


Ever seen an ad before telling you that “time is limited” to file your claim? If yes, then you’re likely left wondering: But what does that mean? In other words, how much time do you really have to claim a cash settlement? The truth is, each state has its own deadline for filing drug injury claims as well as those that involve medical device implants. (In legal jargon, this deadline’s also...

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