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What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For You


Not sure whether you need a personal injury lawyer? Maybe you’re thinking of trying to go it alone in small claims court instead. Below, we’ll explain all the benefits you’ll only get from having an experienced personal injury lawyer handle your case. Benefit #1: Understanding Local, State and Federal Laws That May Help Your Case Some states and even municipalities have unusual laws on the books...

Personal Injury Claim Timeline & Average Payout Amounts


Wondering if it’s worth filing a personal injury claim to recover money for medical bills or lost wages? If you’re hurt in an accident, knowing whether it’s worth your time and effort to file a claim is crucial. Why bother if it’s going to take too long or the payment amount is lower than what insurers typically offer? The good news for someone like you is that the personal injury claim timeline...

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Do Most Lawyers Accept?


Chances are good you’ve heard “personal injury” used in certain lawsuits. This is the legal term to describe harm — specifically to one’s body, mind or emotions. If this applies to you, you may be wondering how to recover all money lost as a result of your injuries. Personal injury cases are the best option for most people, especially those without clear insurance coverage. While people get hurt...

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